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The e2Value website is now available for use for the NJIUA DP 2 Broad Form policy.

You will need to call your underwriter or customer service representative at 973-622-3838 to obtain your username and temporary password. Once you have them you can go to www.e2value.com or click on the link to the e2value website located in the Producer or Links section on the NJIUA website.

When you are at the e2Value site, enter your username and temporary password. You will be prompted to change your password and answer a few security questions. Your username and password will now be your permanent login identification for all future access to e2Value.

To complete an estimator, click on Mainstreet Pro.You will see that you have access to two estimators, Residential and Other Structures. Click on Residential to complete the estimator for the dwelling. Use Other Structures on this selection page only when you want to add an other structure after you have done the original dwelling. Use the dropdown to see what is considered an Other Structure. There is a section on other structures included in the Residential estimator when you are doing an other structure at the same time you are doing the dwelling.

If you have your username and temporary password go to www.e2value.com or click on the links mentioned above. Follow the same instructions.

Remember to submit a copy of the estimator with you application, otherwise, we will not be able to process the application.